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Let me introduce you to Christopher Hanna.

We honestly could not have found a better certified Independent Marketing Advisor to represent us in MetroWest Boston.

Chris joined the DCS Local team because he has a deep-rooted passion for helping small businesses in his area of Massachusetts.chris-hanna-pic

  • He was immediately attracted to the “100 Customers in 100 Days” system because of its proven track-record of results.

But while both Chris and I know that the information in this book has the power to change your business forever, we also understood that to get results, you have to take action.

The truth is, most small business owners, don’t have the time or internal resources needed to implement the knowledge they’re suddenly empowered with.

And this is important, because success isn’t based on merely “knowing” what to do. Success is based on “effectively implementing” the marketing solutions that will drive a business forward.


Here’s how I look at it.

I know that I’m not the best person to do everything needed to keep my business running. So I stick to my strengths and delegate everything else. This results in the most productive and profitable use of my time.

Likewise, you’ll probably be much more productive if you manage your normal day-to-day business activities while a web marketing specialist, like Chris, handles yourInternet marketing functions.

Chris is able to meet each client’s individual needs by staying informed about web marketing strategies and effectiveness, then offering a wide range of effective services that can be customized to fit the unique requirements of each business.


These services include powerful and proven, done-for-you solutions that can rapidly:

  • increase web visibility

  • traffic

  • conversion rates

  • lead generation

  • sales

  • and profits!

As I said earlier, we could not have found a better fit in an Independent Marketing Advisor than Chris to guide you through the steps outlined in this book.

Whether it’s through consulting or the delivery of specific services, I know you’ll find that Chris is an invaluable resource for your Internet business growth.

Take advantage of all that Chris offers.

His extensive business experience, combined with his in-depth Internet marketing knowledge, can help you accelerate your business growth and outperform your competition on a local, regional, national or international basis.

Christopher Hanna 
GearWorksBiz Corporation 
407 Great Road, Unit 8 
Acton, MA 01720


  • Extensive experience in small business and large corporations having worked in two start-ups as well as IBM, Progress Software, DEC, Data General, META Group, SAP and select financial services firms.
  • Accomplished consultant with more than 30 years of success in domestic and international IT product marketing, presales, product development, project management, software and hardware change management, channel development, and organizational leadership.
  • Experienced in local business marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, IT application and systems software, consulting, server and PC hardware, data center operation, services delivery, analyst services, channel management, commercial banking, insurance and local business sectors.
  • Skilled at leading and ensuring the effective execution of simultaneous projects without compromising the primary goals for efficiency, quality, timeliness, or functionality.
  • Extensive experience developing marketing materials and sales campaigns for software, hardware, infrastructure and financial services solutions. Expertise gathering and analyzing client requirements. Highly organized self-starter attentive to details. Effective builder of cohesive and productive teams.
  • Experienced in supervision, training, motivation and evaluation of personnel. Skilled in finding problems and performing necessary change through project management or other methods.
  • Maximize resources to achieve customer satisfaction and increased productivity, meet deadlines and goals. Implement and coordinate both strategic and tactical plans to enhance performance.
  • Adept and experienced in problem solving and providing solutions. Excellent qualifications in leadership and interpersonal communications. Realistic vision of individual motivation and decision making leading to improvement in efficiencies of organizations.